Gianni Motta frame

Gianni Motta – Personal 2000R – frame – SOLD

Rossi - Cicli Povolaro - Colubus Zeta (38 of 45)

Rossi – Cicli Povolaro – Columbus Zeta – SOLD

Albuch Kotter Athena frame - Columbus Aelle (1 of 24)

Albuch Kotter Racing Team – Athena – SOLD

Bottecchia Sprinter Carnelli frame-1774

BOTTECCHIA Sprinter Carnielli frame – SOLD

JUPITER KING Aero - Tange Aero Tubing-3844

JUPITER KING Aero – Tange Aero Tubing





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  1. pogliaghi says:

    FOR SALE Pogliaghi Sante Milano 70s track bike.

    Some information about the bike:

    Frame and fork: Pogliaghi, PSM logo stamped on the seat tube, serial number 9117 (handmade by Sante Pogliaghi in the early 70s) 55×55 cm;

    the frame is straight and it has been repainted as the original, I can send you pictures before and after repainting.. However, in my opinion the painting job it is not so good… Under the painting, the frame is totally chromed, some (very few) point of rust have been removed, removing also chrome job;

    Complete Campagnolo pista groupset (crankset, bottom bracket, pedals, seatpost, headset, high flange hubs);

    Nisi pista rims;

    Cinelli 2A (alluminium) stem with old logo;

    Cinelli pista handle bar (new logo);

    Brooks professional saddle (1977).

    I don’t know how can I upload the pictures!!!

  2. pistabgd says:

    Please, write me an e-mail,man, I need to get in touch with you for some parts. I already bought a fork from you, I need some toher parts.
    Tnx, Uros

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